[one_half]About Centova Cast Client Panel
Easy Web based Control panel to manage your stream.
Full Autodj Support with playlist Schedule and file manager.
Graph Statistics and royalty reports.
Downloadable Spreadsheet with playback frequency, number of performances,
and monthly TLH for each song.
Easy to use website widgets to display stream information to your listeners.
Web Proxy included in all Plans[/one_half][one_half_last]About GetStreamHosting Specials
128 Kbps Bitrate, 500 Listeners Slots.
Stream Type of your Choice (IceCast-Kh, Shoutcast v1.9, Shoutcast V2.5)
Select either our USA, OR EU location.
Autodj Included with 1Gb of disk space.
Centova Cast full feature without any limits.
Web Proxy, Widgets for your site, TLH Support
Get an Extra 25% off with promo code “second life”[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Ways to broadcast to the streams
You can use DJ manager software from your computer,
On board Autodj software or relay from another Stream server.
Listeners will be able to listen to your station using either a web player or a internet player on computer or mobile device.
[/one_half][one_half_last]About LiquidSoap AutoDj
LiquidSoap is not currently supported by stream licensing. Media types supported ACC and MP3 are supported without a need for MP3 License.
Used by SHOUTcast V2.4

About Ices-cc AutoDj
Media types supported ACC, MP3
Used By Icecast-KH, SHOUTcast v1.9[/one_half_last]

[one_third]About Icecast-kh
Icecast-kh is a streaming servers application. Icecast allows you stream on multiple mount points. Switch from Auto DJ to Live Stream without stopping Auto DJ or changing any settings. Auto DJ source is Ices-cc which only supports .mp3 format. Live Stream supports .mp3 and .acc formats plus many more. Icecast-kh with Auto DJ works with stream licensing. Stream would only be listed on Icecast stream Directory / not on ShoutCast.com Directory[/one_third][one_third]About SHOUTCast v1.x
SHOUTcast v.1 is a streaming servers application. SHOUTcast v1 only allows for one mount point.
In order to Switch from Auto DJ to Live streaming,
Auto DJ Source would have to be stop and start after the live streaming. Auto DJ source is Ices-cc which only support .mp3 and .m3u file. SHOUTcast with Auto DJ works with stream licensing. SHOUTcast v1 streams are listed on SHOUTcast Directory[/one_third]About SHOUTCast v2.x
SHOUTcast v.2 is a streaming servers application. SHOUTcast v2 allows you stream on multiple mount points. Switch from Auto DJ to Live Stream without stopping Auto DJ or changing any settings. Auto DJ source is Liquid Soap or SC_trans 2 which only supports .mp3, .acc and .m3u file. Liquid Soap Auto DJ does not work with stream licensing at this time, Sc_trans2 is known to work with stream licensing. SHOUTcast v2 streams are listed on SHOUTcast Directory with Authhash key.[one_third_last][/one_third_last]


Stream TypeBitrateBandWidthListeners SlotsAutodjDisk SpaceControl PanelLocationMonthly Price $Order List
IceCast-KH128 KbpsUnmetered500Yes1GbCentovaCastUSA10.00Order Now
SHOUTCast V1128 KbpsUnmetered500Yes1GbCentovaCastUSA10.00Order Now
SHOUTCast V2128 KbpsUnmetered500Yes1GbCentovaCastUSA10.00Order Now
IceCast-KH128 KbpsUnmetered500Yes1GbCentovaCastEU10.00Order Now
SHOUTCast V1128 KbpsUnmetered500Yes1GbCentovaCastEU10.00Order Now
SHOUTCast V2128 KbpsUnmetered500Yes1GbCentovaCastEU10.00Order Now

List of Centova Cast Features:


Centova Cast Client Accountclient area
Start and Stop the Stream
Start and Stop the Autodj Source ( If enabled)
Quick over view of your stream



settingsEdit Stream Settings
Edit Stream Setting ( Stream Name, account email, Passwords, Stream Relay )
Edit your CrossFade setting of autodj ( If enabled)
Set Introduction and Fallback file.
Edit Mount Points for (IceCast-kh and ShoutCast V2.4)


file managerFile Manager / Playlist Managermedia manager
Upload .mp3 using the internet browser or FTP
Create Playlist ( )
Easy move your music to the playlist with the Media manager.



create dj accountDJ Accounts
Create accounts to allow you DJs to manage the stream with select Permission.
Some permission options are: Full Access, Time Based Login,
Limited options by selections Centova Cast panel



stats HistoricalStatistics
Current listeners by Browser type and Countriesstats over view
Stats by Tracks, Full Historical Stats.
Set stats by Yesterday, 7 Days, 14 Days. 30 Days and Custom.
All stats can be download to .csv file.
TLH (Total Listening Hours) Support



widgetsQuick Website Widgets
TuneIn Listen link
Stream Details
Song Request
Recent Tracks
Widget Demo